Mountain Youth Adventures for ages 10 years and older

Adventures for 10+

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, Choose any days of the week! $70/day $10/shuttle Scholarships are available and Wild Bear accepts CCAP. REGISTER HERE.

Our specialized workshops for ages 10 and older integrate adventure, science, and art.  We head out to privately stocked lakes and property with gorgeous meadows, forests and endless opportunities for exploration.   Space is limited.

Peak Hikers ~10+ Every Monday! John Muir put it simply….”climb the mountains and get good tidings…” We’ll hike the trails to discover our unique ecosystems and the tools we need to navigate it.  Join us to explore the magnificent Rocky Mountains.  Discover local flora, fauna, and views of the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  Sign up for one or more days! 10+

Fly Fishing Camp ~10+ Every Tuesday, cast your line, practice the strategies for ecologically sound fly fishing. Learn from the experts to understand the natives and non-natives and what they are feeding on, and try to replicate invertebrates in the form of fly tying.  Fly fishing equipment and professional guide included.

High Alpine Scientists~10+ Every Wednesday Head up to the CU Mountain Research Station and join the research team at the Niwot Ridge LTER (NWT)!  Meet the researchers that are involved in high alpine research to understand high-elevation mountain ecosystems and contributing to broad conceptual advances in ecology.  Work with graduate students and researchers at Niwot Ridge LTER who contribute to collecting climate, hydrologic and ecological data.

WildCrafting and Primitive Skills~ 10+ Every Thursday   Let’s head out to our private pioneer ranch, 200 acres on the outskirts of Nederland to engage in primitive skills: shelter building, cordage, tracking and more!  Enjoy wildcrafting with local plants foraged from the land.

CIT (Counselor In Training) Training!~ 10+ Every Friday:  Many of our Wild Bears strive to be assistants in our workshops for younger children.  This year Wild Bear is offering TRAINING every Friday.  Our CIT’s will have options to become First Aid and CPR certified, will learn about strategies to positively engage children, games, crafts and more!  Then, CIT can choose any days of the week to assist in programs or be a docent in the Nature Center.  Only CIT trained Wild Bears will be assisting with younger programs.  What an excellent opportunity for all!

Ride the Shuttle with our staff to Nederland!

REGISTER HERE.  Spaces are limited and only reserved with payment.

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