The Nature Center at Mud Lake

Mud Lake 

Through the development of the Nature Center on Wild Bear’s property at Mud Lake, we can further achieve the vision of inspiring the community, locals and visitors alike, to gather an off-grid center at 8,250 ft in elevation to experience and learn about our place in the natural world.

A place for all ages and all walks of life, the Nature Center will achieve a wide range of goals, such as educating about how we can minimize our carbon footprint or how we can grow our own food at this high elevations, as well as encouraging an appreciation and love for this unique Rocky Mountain ecosystem.


See this link about the story of the preservation of Mud Lake and the vision of the nature center

Celebrating 23 years through the interim nature center located in downtown Nederland, Wild Bear provides year-round, hands on, nature-based education to thousands of people of all ages fostering a lifelong appreciation of the environment and promoting an environmentally aware, responsible and ecologically sound community.  Our mission is accomplished through formal nature workshops as well as FREE walk-in public visitation open almost every day. Since our inception as a small non-profit, Wild Bear has grown its impact each year, reaching more than 25,000 people of all ages through the nature center as well as 6,761 people through all ages programs offered in 2016/201

The long-term vision of Wild Bear from its modest beginnings in 1995, was to create a nature center facility in the mountains of Boulder County to provide the general public with opportunities to learn together about the environment and ecology in their own backyard. In 1999, Wild Bear collaborated with Boulder County Parks and Open Space and the Town of Nederland to preserve over 200 acres of land north of Nederland, called Mud Lake Open Space; voters approved this plan including the development of the Nature Center by Wild Bear. Over the next two years, Wild Bear successfully raised $100,000 through private donations, and purchased 5 acres amid the Mud Lake Open Space.  In July of 2000, Wild Bear organized 134 volunteers to remove over 30 tons of trash off of the Mud Lake property allowing it to regenerate to its natural state.  

Now, after experiencing a sink hole (6 X 8 X 30 feet deep) Wild Bear is exchanging its 5 acres for a new site on the corner of CR 128 and Peak to Peak Scenic BYWAY on Boulder County Parks and Open Space and within the town of Nederland. 

Wild Bear Nature Center has now completed a positive feasibility study for raising the funds to build the nature center.  This will take great involvement from the broad community to accomplish this amazing legacy for generations to come.  

If you would like to get involved in planning and supporting or have feedback about the permanent nature center on Wild Bear’s property at Mud Lake, please fill out the form below!

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