Fall, Winter and Spring Children’s Programs

Bear Cubs: for ages 3-5
Every Wednesday, 10:00-11:30
$15/day, Bulk rate: $13/day when signing up for 10 days or more
Young Wild Bear convene at Wild Bear Nature Center to study nature! Children creatively engage in hands-on science discovery on a different subject each week.

See this link for more information and to register.

Nature Craft After School: for ages 5-12
Monday-Thursday 3:45-5:45
$20/day, Bulk rate: $15/day when registering for 10 days or more.
Choose any day of the week! Children ride the bus from Nederland Elementary School or are dropped off at Wild Bear Nature Center. Each week, with a different nature theme, children often head to Mud Lake or participate in creative hands-on nature at the nature center.

See this link for more information and to register.


2018-2019’s weekly themes are below and will be updated for the new school year soon!

Moon Cycles, Stars, and the Night Sky, Week of Jan 8 Let’s get up close to those distant stars that bedazzle the night sky. Create your own constellation and learn some mysteries of the night sky.

Snow Sculptures, Week of Jan 14 Let’s build with snow and ice! Photograph your work and display in the nature center! Describe the amazing properties of snow!

Weather Science, Week of Jan 22 Can you say meteorology? What does that mean? Become a weather forecaster and learn what tools it takes to predict the weather.

Oooy Gooey Experiments Week of Jan 28 What do you know about polymers and gels? Did you know they occur naturally in the world around us! Let’s explore the world of polymers and gels with fun hands-on experiments. Create silly putty, Oobleck and other gooey fun!

Recycled Art, Week of Feb 4 Get your creative juices flowing and use your imagination to create amazing pieces of art with what others might view as trash.

Earthly Love: Week of Feb. 11 Let’s focus on the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire and create valentines to show our love and share with others.

Animal Art, Week of Feb 19 Have you ever looked closely at animal patterns? Whiskers, stripes and the veins of an animal? Create a masterpiece as you mold, shape, create, or brush stroke your animal inspired art piece.

Landscape Art, Week of Feb 25 Be inspired by the panorama of the natural world around! Mold, shape, create, or brush stroke your landscape inspired art piece. photograph, paint and draw!

Frozen Science: Week of March 4 Let’s discover frozen science! What is cryogenics? What is the freezing point of water vs. your orange? Let’s have fun with ice and other frozen experiments.

Fossil and Track Stories: Week of March 11 Let’s go out to find the signs of nature find tracks, squirrel’s kitchen. Make your own tracks! Leave with your own guidebooks to discover tracks at home. Let’s discover the prehistoric tracks and the stories THEY tell!

Spring into Spring! Week of March 18 Time to dust off the snow, take in the sunshine, and get ready to emerge into springtime. Observe and discover the signs of spring happening around us.

Wild Wind Crafts, Week of April 1 We can give some respect to our wild Nederland winds and create art pieces that dance and twirl in the air around us. Test your skills with air science experiments!

Metamorphosis Maniacs Week of April 8 What are the wild creatures doing now that it is warming up? Can you spot a Mourning Cloak Butterfly or the Snow Fleas? Are the bears waking up? What are the Salamanders doing? Let’s collect data about the changes of the season and share our observations with the community.

Earth Art Week of April 16 Let’s express how we help the earth to encourage to others! Make natural dye Earth Flags, Make paper with your own messages, posters and find other ways to help others help the earth.

Eco Avengers, Week of April 22 It’s amazing that this is the only planet in the universe with LIFE on it! We must protect it and encourage others to do the same! Celebrate Earth Day every day!

Hummingbirds and other Migrators, Week of April 29 Let’s welcome back the birds who left for the winter! Spring is in the air, look up and see who’s coming back for a visit. Let’s learn about these amazing creatures who visit us every year.

Spring Blooms Week of May 6 Let’s find the Pasque Flowers! Hike, explore the water, smell the air to welcome changes at Mud Lake. Let’s photo document the changes of the season.

Spring Babies Week of May 13 From worms, to deer to bird nests! There’s a lot going on out there! Let’s find all of the new life at Mud Lake.

End of the Year Celebration, Week of May 20 Time to wrap it up! It’s time to take home garden projects and get ready for summer. Let’s celebrate!

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