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Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed DVD




Award winning documentary filmmakers, Robin, Kathy and Shelly Beeck, with the help of filmmaker Michael Moore, have spent five years filming a 60-minute feature-length documentary on Bredo Morstoel, a Norweigan who was frozen by his grandson in 1983. Since then, the world famous…well…stiff has been lying under 800 pounds of dry ice in a TUFF SHED behind his grandsons’ castle-like house in the 9000-ft Colorado ski town of Nederland. The grandson, Trygve Bauge, has long since been deported back to Norway, but Grandpa Bredo has remained, unwittingly becoming a worldwide symbol of the legal rights of the temporarily dead…. “The people of Nederland take Grandpa very seriously,” Robin Beeck said. “When we first started filming years ago the townspeople were really afraid and kind of angry. But during the years of court battles to keep him above ground, Grandpa became a folk hero.” Now Nederland holds FROZEN DEAD GUY DAYS every March. The festival includes a Grandpa lookalike contest, coffin races, a polar bear plunge, and the the wildly popular Grandpa’s Blue Ball.


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