Group Outreach Programs

Bring your classroom up to the mountains for a full day of hands-on outdoor science with Wild Bear Nature Center.

“Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth.  They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education. “                                                                      ~David Polis


Programs Include:

  • Elements that meet state Science, Language Arts, Math & Social Studies academic content standards.
  • A design that compliments both BVSD and state curriculum.
  • Teachers with strong backgrounds in environmental education


Mud Lake Ecology (Aquatic and Terrestrial) Meet at Mud Lake and explore our fascinating montane ecosystem. This program provides an outdoor classroom in which children can directly observe organisms and their relationships to each other and their environment. Hands on activities include an eco-scavenger hunt and aquatic collection/observation workshop that provides insight into the ecological health of Mud Lake.
SnowSchool on Snowshoes! Schedule your group for a snowshoe trek through the forests of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Learn the importance of snowpack, study snow science, winter ecology and our local watershed. By utilizing state of the art snow science equipment, we will gain knowledge to help us to protect these beautiful mountains. By investigating animal tracks, we learn the stories of animals that live in a winter montane ecosystem.
Arthropod Zoo. The very popular Arthropod Zoo is available to visit your classroom! Meet Vinnie the Scorpion, Curly the Curly Hair Tarantula, and others. Observe these fascinating creatures up close. For an outdoor element to this program, we will take your class to a nearby stream or pond to look for and observe aquatic macro-invertebrates.
Tracking Colorado’s Wildlife Track Colorado’s amazing animals! Learn to identify signs that tell the story of the animals that share our woods, streams, and meadows. Investigate the pelts, skulls, and tracks of animals such as bears, elks, and beavers.
Plants and Pollination Explore parts of the plants and their pollinators as you learn about the life cycle of plants. Let’s discover the many ways we use plants and appreciate the importance of their pollinators.
Food Webs and Energy Transfer Investigate how energy moves through Earth’s organisms. Join us as we explore our animal ambassadors through interactive learning stations and then create our own own artistic examples of food webs.

All Wild Bear programs are aligned with district science standards

Pricing: $150 per 90-minute program

Snowshoes: $4/pair

Groups over 25: $3/student (upwards of 25)

Travel Fees: $0.50/mile if traveling to a location over 40 miles round trip.

Contact us to register today!

“Environmental stewardship can only happen when people love the land and the water.  Working with Wild Bear to deliver experiential ecology to young people is an extremely direct path to that goal. We  are excited to partner with Wild Bear to deliver SnowSchool to show kids that scientists are really cool, that taking care of the planet is meaningful, and that snowshoeing our local winter landscape is an amazing adventure!” ~ Hal Hallstein, Winter Wildlands Alliance – Board of Directors
Wild Bear Nature Center and Winter Wildlands Alliance are partners in the delivery of Winter Ecology programs on Snowshoes (SnowSchool) in the mountains of Boulder and Gilpin County.

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