NederRANGERS June 3 – August 9, 2019
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Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, Choose any days of the week! $70/day $10/shuttle Scholarships are available and Wild Bear accepts CCAP.

5 & 6 year olds (for the first time Wild Bear) This is a WONDERFUL, nurturing, playful and hands-on nature program led by highly experienced early childhood educators.  This full-day program embeds nature discovery with stories, crafts, songs, and play. This is an excellent way to learn about working cooperatively with a group with integration of arts, science. literature and play.

 NederRangers ride the Boulder Valley School Bus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to Mud Lake!  On Mondays and Fridays, this program is based out of Wild Bear Nature Center with walking field trips to the reservoir, Frog Ponds, community gardens and other nature discovery destinations!


Ride the magic school bus from Wild Bear to Mud Lake!

Nature’s Architects ~ June 3-7 How can animals live outside and survive? Explore the architectural world of wildlife while investigating dens, nests, and caves. Create your own habitat using mud, grass, sticks and more!

Rock Heads ~ June 10-14 Join us for a rocky mountain rock hunt. Search for valuable minerals such as gold and tungsten.  Discover the common gems under your feet, and start a rock collection to take home.

Beetles and Flutterbies ~ June 17-21 Become an entomologist! Discover the insects that dig in the earth and fly through the air. We will sweep with nets and set traps to investigate these amazing critters.  Catch and release!

Water Creatures ~ June 24-28The earth is 70% water and so are you! Investigate this mystery of life on earth and splish, splash on an aquatic safari.  Drink the water that the dinosaurs slurped!

Hunt & Hide ~ July 1-3 (No Camp Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5) How do those animals hide so well? How are predators able to sneak up on their prey? Let’s practice our own hunting and hiding skills in the forest! Try your hand at tracking, identifying, and exploring the web of life.

Wild Green Safari ~ July 8-12 Become a junior botanist and discover the wild and wooly plants on the trails. Capture these beautiful plants through sketching and painting.  Press flowers into a beautiful picture to take home.

Bird Brains ~ July 15-19 Take to the air while we focus on the sky. What do you see? An abundance of beautiful birds up there, under bushes, and in trees!  Make your own bird guide to take home.

Earth Trackers ~ July 22-26 Let’s understand the stride of the wildlife!  Read the stories of the tracks and other evidence of wildlife in the forest. Create a field guide and keep track of your discoveries.

Croaks and Other Mud Dwellers ~ July 29-August 2 Who’s been squishing around in the mud? Let’s investigate the gooey earth beneath our feet and learn about the creatures who call the mud home. Can you frolic like a frog and slither like a salamander?

Mystery Trek ~ August 5-9 Become an Earth Detective as we uncover the mysteries of the wilderness through scavenger hunts and guessing games. Find the mysterious clues left by forest creatures, build gnome and fairy houses, and hunt for treasure in the woods!

LOCATED IN THE MOUNTAINS OF NEDERLAND, COLORADO.  Coming from Boulder? Ride the shuttle up to Nederland with our staff!  It’s very easy!

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This is what last summer’s Parents said about our programs:

“We fell in love with the center & it’s mission on our first visit, & after trying a couple of wild bear classes when our son was 3, he love it so much that we knew it was worth our/his time.”

“When asked, he talked for a solid 5 minutes listing the different topics covered in class. But above all, he loves the time spent outdoors at Mud Lake”

“Wild Bear is fun! Only Mtn. ecology in Boulder County!”

“My daughter knows what a nymph is & hibernation & outdoor etiquette.”

“My granddaughter enjoyed camp.”

“Offers an appreciation of the mountain environment.”
“It is a great summer camp that is outside, is full day & you can pick which days you attend.”

“Holden liked the educational part. Robbie & Jackson liked the hiking (really, they all liked the hiking.”

“They talked about the rain cycle immediately after camp. When we hike together they point out plants & animals/animal tracks that they learned at Wild Bear.”

“Wild Bear has increased their interest & knowledge of nature.”

“What summer camp should be about!”

“It’s really nice to teach city kids about nature.”

“They always teach us things when they come home.”

“We love visiting Ned and always like being outdoors where its cool”

“I think you have it all dialed in. The teachers are great with the children and the programs are fun and interesting.”

“We think very highly of Wild Bear.”

“It is an amazing space with great programs, wonderful teachers & fun environment to learn in.”

“Her favorite thing about Wild Bear is learning lots of new things. She doesn’t have a least favorite thing.”

“I’m not sure how to rate this, but I can say she always came home talking about what she learned.”

“Wild Bear has been such a positive experience for 7 years! Now she’s becoming a counselor in training!”

“Great way to use time constructively.”

“Wild Bear is like a family to me. Loves the little ones and they love her.”

“She knows the names of about 100 wildflowers. Very nurturing for her, emotionally over the years! So grateful for caring staff & for financial help.”

“She’s very appreciate of nature. Quite knowledgeable about birds, insects, flowers. Counteracts electronics.”

“Get the kids involved in nature and respect it and people.”

“The teachers are great and very kind.”

“The entire family loves the Enchanted Forest. I was happy to see the campfire last year.”

“Gives the kids a connection to nature.

“My daughter loves playing in the dirt.”

“Lets kids be kids and get dirty!”

“My kids love it and are so grateful for the chance to play outside.”

“My son impressed people with scientific knowledge gained.”

“He can name all different types of clouds, showed me what gumweed is, and what you can use it for.”

“They love it and were always excited to go! Thank you for the great Summer!”

“I like the option to pick & choose individual days. My kids say they love getting out in nature with friends.”

“She loves the camp song!”

“Great camp. Love that she could take the bus from Boulder. Great being in Nederland on hot days.”

“She talks about different insects and shows a wider interest in nature.”

“Our daughter loved it and it was good for her.”

“She loved every part. Seriously. She did not have one complaint. Not one.”

“She taught us about what to do in a flash flood.”

“You all encourage her love for nature to grow more.”

“Great authentic learning experiences.”

“He’s more willing to hike and loves to explore when we do hike.”

“Connects kids to nature around them.”

“The programs are engaging and valuable.”

“Unique, fun, educational OUTSIDE learning.”

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