Nature Camps on No School Days

Winter and Spring Nature Camps on days off from school

for ages 5-12


$65/day, scholarships are available, Wild Bear is a CCAP provider
Shuttle service is available from Boulder.  Click here for shuttle service from Boulder.
Register here or call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register!

December 27th: Winter Animals: Foxes, Coyote and OwlsCome howl and hoot at Wild Bear! Today we’ll discover our local wildlife and how we help them and how they help us too! Meet our friends at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to learn about how they help. In the afternoon we’ll meet 4 live owls who were injured and have been rescued by Nature’s Educators. Come dressed to explore the wildlife that lives in our community.

December 28: Winter Cats

This program is the Cat’s Meow! Let’s meet the Mountain Lions and Bobcats and the domestic felines! They are mysterious, calculating and funny! Learn to “cat walk”, look for tracks, and focus in on how they survive these harsh winters. Meet with the Division of Wildlife to learn about our local wild cats and how we can stay out of their way as they prowl and work to survive the harsh winter.

January 2: Museum Adventure
Let’s get out of the cabin and take the RTD bus to Boulder! We’ll check out the Museum of Boulder, check out the Wolves exhibit and play in the Google Lab! We’ll then head up to CU campus to visit the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History! This will be a fun day of public transportation, walking in the city and learning in the museums.
January 3: Astronomical Adventure
This program is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Let’s check out Wild Bear’s Astronomy Lab, play with telescopes, learn about the constellations and what to look for in the winter’s night sky!
January 4: Winter Adventures
Let’s head over to the Nederland Ice Rink and try out our skating skills! We’ll throw on snowshoes and trek onto Mud Lake. Maybe we’ll go sledding in town (depending on the snow!). This will be a fun day of outdoor play and hot cocoa!
January 7: Rocket Science Adventures
Step into Wild Bear’s wacky science lab as we become mind-boggling mad scientists. Meet Bartholemew as he discovers Planet Oobleck. Let’s investigate the Oobleck goo sample that was sent from NASA for us to explain. As you learn about the properties of Oobleck, Create your own Rocket that can land and take off from Planet Oobleck. Enjoy other rocket science experiments to further understand the properties of Planet Earth.



Register here or call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register!

Shuttle is available with registration. $10.

Click here for shuttle service from Boulder.

or Call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register

Wild Bear accepts CCAP and scholarships are available. Please inquire at

Payment is required in advance of your program.

Spaces are limited, register today

Future dates: January 21, Feb 18, March 25-29, April 12 & 15. Bulk Rates. Shuttle Service will be provided.  

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