Nature Camps on No School Days

Winter and Spring Nature Camps on days off from school for ages. 5-12 8am-4pm


$70/day, scholarships are available, Wild Bear is a CCAP provider

Shuttle service is available from Boulder.  Click here for shuttle service from Boulder.
Register here or call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register!

Winter Solstice Celebration Monday, December 23 8am-4pm

Let’s celebrate and discover the darkest time of the year…the best time to explore astronomy! The sun will be shining more and more as the days go by. Make various solstice crafts to take home, beeswax candles, herbal crafts and other nature gifts to share with family and friends.  

WINTER DOGS Thursday, January 2, 8am-4pm

Come howl over at Wild Bear for a Grey Wolf winter program!  Meet the foxes, coyotes and a REAL LIVE WOLF!  Explore the fascinating differences between the canine family’s tracks! What is your favorite wild canine?

WINTER CATS Friday, January 3, 8am-4pm

Winter is upon us, the snow has fallen, and most of our resident wild animal friends are nowhere to be seen! Join us as we uncover the mysteries of winter hunters and their mountain resilience. Practice your snowshoeing at mud lake and look for evidence of these special creatures that have chosen to stay with us and survive through the winter.

WINTER TRACKS Monday, January 6, 8am-4pm

Snow, snow, snow means great tracks, tracks, tracks.  Get on snowshoes and learn to track the winter animals in the mountains!  Tracks tell a story, so let’s play with mold of animal feet and create a story

$70/day Register here or call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register!

Shuttle is available with registration. $10.

Click here for shuttle service from Boulder.

or Call 303-258-0495 or stop by the nature center to register

Wild Bear accepts CCAP and scholarships are available. Please inquire at

Payment is required in advance of your program.

Spaces are limited, register today

Future dates:  January 2, 3 and 6th.

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