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Teachers, groups, and families can check out our Nature Kits! These include all the materials needed to learn about our exciting Nature Education Modules!

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Nature In Transition

Explore how nature changes and adapts as the seasons pass

Nature’s Recycling Team

Discover the fascinating world of decomposers

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Terrestrial/Aquatic Mountain Ecology

Take an adventure outside to learn more about the natural world in our own backyards.

Snow School

Put on the snow boots and head out in the snow to learn more about winter ecology, snow science, and more.

Geology Rocks!

Uncover the mysteries of the Rockies formation and the Rock Cycle.

How Bats Are Like People?

Did you know bats have fingers just like us? Learn the incredible similarities between bats and humans.

Our Plant Friends

Head outside with the field guide to examine the lives of plants and how they help us and other animals thrive!

What’s a Beak For?

What’s an adaptation? Find out through a hands on experiment in bird beaks!

Weather and Climate

 How can the differences and connections between weather and climate help us understand our environment better?

Insect Investigations

Dig in the dirt, search under logs, and play in meadows to learn more about our important local insects!

Wildlife Tracking

Search for evidence of local wildlife with a fun and engaging scavenger hunt based kit.

Stargazing and Trail Blazing

Look up and unlock the mysteries of stars, planets, and the universe.

More fun topics are always being developed. We custom build kits to fit your requests!

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