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Join Wild Bear’s Michelle Witte (Roots), who shows us how to make your own journal out of recycled materials! Then head out to the woods with her to find a “sit spot” to really notice the magical details of nature! “Roots” notices the Lichens and tells us a story about how important they are to our health! Did you know Lichen is an indicator of healthy air? What details are you noticing? Draw, write, paint in your journal all of the amazing things you find in your backyard.

Make one, then hit the trails, or observe out your window/yard

Find your materials. You’ll need:
  • Construction paper (or you could recycle the cereal box!) to use as your cover
  • About 5-10 pieces of plain paper
  • Hole punch or stapler
  • Yarn or string for binding
  • Old nature magazine clippings, glue sticks, markers and colored pencils, to use to decorate your cover
Now put it together!
  1. Fold the cover and other plain paper in half (hamburger style)
  2. Place the papers inside the cover, then create the binding by making three holes on the folded edge of the papers.
  3. Tie bows with your yarn through each of the holes.
  4. Decorate your journal in your own style!
  5. Hit the trails and start documenting your observations or creating some art!


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