Happy Camper Checklist



Wild Bear Nature Camp Happy Camper Checklist:

Families and staff, please ensure that ALL of the following are with each child or each procedure has been accounted for each day of camp BEFORE the child(ren) exits their vehicle.

  1. Backpack
  2. Wild Bear provided camper individual supply pack (art supplies, nature journal, etc.)
  3. A mask/face covering
  4. Temperature has been taken within an hour of arrival to camp, and was below 100F
  5. Camper, direct family, or household members are NOT exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19
  6. Clean hands
  7. Snack and lunch
  8. Fresh and full water bottle
  9. Sunscreen, applied and in the backpack
  10. Hat
  11. Water shoes
  12. Waterproof jacket
  13. Extra socks/clothing 
  14. A smile! 


I understand that I will be met by a Wild Bear staff member to confirm everything on the Happy Camper Checklist  at my car prior to my child(ren) leaving for the day with Wild Bear staff.

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