Wild Bear Nature Center is now open!

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Venture out onto the surrounding trails at Wild Bear’s property at Mud Lake! Bring your camera and put on your water shoes to discover the water, the woods, and the mud.

What you’ll do
Almost Invisible Animals—June 29-July 2

Let’s get out the magnifiers and microscopes and collect samples to examine.  Let’s search for the animals under our feet, in the water, on our hands and in the food we eat!  Did you know that we eat a pound or two of insects in our normal diets, even if you’re vegetarian!?

Bird Brains—July 6-9

What songs do you hear in the forest around you? Which birds can you find through the binoculars?  Learn about Colorado’s songbirds! Document the birds, try to identify by song and create a field guide to take home.

Herbal Expressions—July 13-16

Become a junior herbalist and harvest the many herbs available in the Montane Forest.  Explore and learn about their healing properties and create herbal crafts and a guide book to take home!

What to Bring

Face mask, sunscreen, sun hat, rain jacket, layers, lunch and snacks, water bottle

How to Get There

Meet at Wild Bear and go from there!


Drop-off: 8:30 am
Pick-up: 3:30-4:00pm


$70 per day.  If you are experiencing financial stress, please contact CCCAP to determine if you qualify.  They are adjusting their qualifications to include more families.

How to Register

Please call us at 303-258-0495 to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

Wild Naturalists: Session 2

FOR: Age 07, Age 08


Monday, July 06, 2020–Thursday, July 09, 2020
8:30 am–3:30 pm


Wild Bear Nature Center

20 Lakeview Drive
Nederland, CO, 80466