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Dear Friends,

Most of us have vivid happy memories of playing outdoors as children.  Stop for a moment and contemplate one of your favorite childhood memories.  Do these memories include playing in the woods, catching frogs or splashing in the creek?  Do they include playing hide and seek in the dark, collecting butterflies, getting dirty, building snowmen and snow angels, or simply playing outside, laughing and bonding with good friends?  As adults, most of us carry these fond memories deep within us.  We at Wild Bear are committed to making special opportunities for children, families and adults to continue creating these kinds of memories.

The fact is many people today are less at home in the outdoors.  This, combined with our addiction to electronics and TV, has caused a lost connection to the natural world; a loss that is resulting in consequences for this generation and generations to come.

We at Wild Bear believe that we must encourage all ages to connect with the outdoors, to become intrigued with the details, to breathe the fresh air and to realize our impact on the natural world.

We are proud to have opened the first non-profit nature center in Boulder County and since opening have enjoyed a 132% increase in enrollment in children’s workshops.  The opening of the Center is another milestone toward the creation of the Nature Center at Mud Lake and was accomplished through donor support; now Wild Bear enjoys daily visitors as well as a thriving adult and family workshop series.

We are writing to ask for your support in helping us to continue to fulfill this important mission. Please consider a donation at any level today.

Wild Bear has been providing environmental education for over 22 years. And we work diligently every day to create accessible opportunities to everyone.  With donor support last year, our numbers are on a steady growth trajectory, and we provided scholarships to 52% of those participants.

In these tough economic times, we would like to extend that opportunity to each child that needs assistance, so that no one is turned away.

Please consider a donation today to support this important mission.  We have accomplished so much through donor support and there is so much more to accomplish.

With gratitude,

The board, volunteers and staff at Wild Bear Nature Center





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