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Create your own step by step diagram of a butterfly’s life cycle as it transforms through the incredible process of metamorphosis.

Start by watching this fun video! What’s the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis? How about the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Let’s find out together.

Metamorphosis is a process some animals go through to become adults. It is a series of physical changes and different stages.

Butterflies, and all other insects, start their lives inside of eggs. The adult female butterfly will typically lay one egg at a time, and lay it on a plant that the baby butterfly or caterpillar will enjoy eating once it leaves its egg. Baby insects like caterpillars are known as larva. Caterpillars will eat as much of their favorite plants as they can when in the larva stage of their life cycle. They need to store up a lot of energy and resources to transform themselves into adults. When ready caterpillars will enter the pupa stage of their life cycle and their body changes into a chrysalis. The chrysalis is the outer part of the once caterpillar’s body that hardens to inside the to-be butterfly can get hard to work at transforming into a butterfly! After enough time has passed, the pupa will have changed into an adult butterfly and will make a hole and climb out of its chrysalis to go and start its life as a pollinator!

Tips for making your own Butterfly Life Cycle!
  • Get creative!
  • Use household items to build a diagram.
  • Take it to the trails and build a life cycle out of natural found items on the forest floor!
  • Create a work of art with colored pencils, markers, paint, and/or magazine clippings of a butterfly changing throughout its life.

Send us photos of your completed life cycles for a chance to be featured on our social media! Email your project to

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