Covid safe pick up and drop procedures, Summer 2020

We at Wild Bear are so happy that we can offer some semblance of our wonderful nature program. We are able to do this because we have a Site based School Age Child Care License at the nature center.  At this time we will drop off and pick up at the nature center with divided spaces for individual groups (each with dedicated bathrooms).  Wild Bear has submitted a new license application to BVSD to operate out of Nederland Elementary School so that we may be able to easily walk to the woods with our groups. At this time, BVSD is making decisions about allowing groups to operate out of schools, so please stay tuned.

 We look forward to the day when our nature center is located in the forest at Mud Lake.  Please understand that we are doing all that we can with our current resources and are committed to providing a safe, fun and creative program for your child.

Curbside drop-off/pick-up Family Procedures: Our drop-off and pick-up procedures for Wild Bear Summer Camps have changed for the 2020 season to help slow the spread and reduce risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Please review this document thoroughly as all of the information is pertinent to camp running smoothly and safely each day this summer. For all camps there will be “curbside” drop-off and pick-up to reduce mixing of any groups, or exposure risks with multiple families arriving around the same time. Please read the step by step below, and check the notes underneath for information regarding your child(ren)’s particular age group. 

Children will be dropped off and picked up at Wild Bear Nature center in Nederland.

We ask that absolutely no one leaves their vehicles during drop off or pick up until we have signed you in and you have confirmed our Happy Camper Checklist.  We ask that everyone in the car is wearing a masks and has recently washed their hands. 

Drop off: 

  1. Pull up to the drop-off area at the nature center and watch for the appropriate group staff member to sign you in.  please stay and wait in your car until you have confirmed the Happy Camper Checklist. 
  2. A Wild Bear instructor will then come to your vehicle. Please be patient. 
  3. Once it is your turn and the instructor comes to your vehicle please ensure everyone in the vehicle is wearing a mask. 
  4. When the instructor approaches the vehicle they will have a clipboard and a sanitized pen. The instructor will have a tub to put the used pen and thermometer in after each use. 
  5. Once the instructor has confirmed everything on the Happy Camper Checklist and you have signed in with the best phone number to reach you at, your child(ren) can exit the vehicle and meet an instructor to bring you into the building with the rest of their group. Children will wash their hands upon arrival.

 Pick up:

  1. Pull up to the pick-up area, please stay and wait in your car. 
  2. Wild Bear staff will approach the vehicles with your child while you sign them out on the clipboard with a clean pen. The instructor will have a tub to put the used pen in after use. 
  3. Drive home safely and please, wash your hands! And wash your mask each evening or send a clean one in the morning!


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