Nature Enrichment

Stay safe and learn outdoors!

At Wild Bear, children enjoy outdoor studies at Mud Lake and the surrounding areas of Nederland. Wild Bear incorporates science, ecology, arts, writing, survival skills, and more into our programming to inspire a love of nature and encourage children’s natural curiosity.

For Fall 2021, We are excited to offer:

  • Forest Fridays full day programs for children 5-8 years old
  • Nature Art Play after school for children 5-12 years old 
  • Mindful Mornings before school for children 5-12 years old

Each session and age group will focus on a specific theme and align with their grade level studies. Wild Bear brings the learning of all subjects into the outdoors of our beautiful Nederland area! 

Call or email for more details: (303) 258-0495 | and

Forest Fridays

Every Friday beginning September 10th 8am-4pm

$70/day. Generous scholarships available. Wild Bear is a CCAP (state childcare assistance) provider.

Monthly Themes

Sept-Nature in Transition

Children will explore local trails in search of how animals, plants, and even the water change as the season does! What is an equinox anyway?

Oct-Mysterious Changes

Plan on seeing the Wild Bears adventure outside to discover the magic of metamorphosis and other life cycle transitions of plants and animals, celebrating Bat Week, and debunking the myths of hibernation.

Nov-The Living Earth

The Wild Bears will head into the woods to discover the secrets of the Earth. How rocks form, weather works, and how daylight impacts wildlife and plants’ daily lives!

Dec-Winter Wonders

Children will hit the trails, likely on snow shoes, to investigate the wonders of the winter seasons. They’ll uncover secrets of winter wildlife survival, snow science, and the many meanings of the Winter Solstice.

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Nature Art Play (NAP)

Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 7th 3:30pm-6:00pm

$20/day. Generous scholarships available. Wild Bear is a CCAP (state childcare assistance) provider.

Explore nature through creating wonderful works of art! Each week the Wild Bears will discover different art mediums as they play outside, hike, and learn about nature by creating fun art using recycled and earth friendly materials! Wild Bear will be shuttling kids from school to the nature center/location for the day. Pickup will be at Wild Bear Nature Center.

Monthly Themes

Sept- Colors of the Wild

Discover every color and shade of the rainbow through the world of painting! Dive into the wide variety of painting mediums using nature as their inspiration! Expect to come home with incredible creations and few stories from the trails and games played as well.

Oct- Field Photography

Capture the enchantment of the natural world through the camera lens. Practice photography skills in the field and build your own frames to highlight your best work!

Nov- Nature’s Patterns

Notice the many ways nature creates patterns of all kinds. Use different things found in nature to build wonderful sculptures, leaf prints. Enjoy mimicking nature’s patterns in various art creations!


Mindful Mornings

Wednesdays beginning September 8th 8:00am-9:30am

$15/day. Generous scholarships available.

Wild Bear will be offering an hour in the morning of fun mindfulness, nature based activities, and a make your own smoothie station! Children will enjoy some calm time at the nature center practicing yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness fun while making a smoothie before Wild Bear Staff shuttles them to school.

Programs will continue to run in the case of inclement weather! Wild Bear Nature Center provides  large spaces with dedicated bathrooms to hold programs indoors when needed.  Masks are worn at all times when inside, and the separate rooms for each age group provide enough space for physical distancing.  Crafts, stories, games and science will all be integrated into indoor activities when weather does not permit outdoor activity.

Call or email for more details: (303) 258-0495 | and

2021 Nature Enrichment FAQ

Follow this link to review our Frequently Asked Questions. Please reach out with further questions to


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Scholarship Application

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out the following application. You may save a copy, fill it out digitally, and email it to, or you may print a copy and return it in person to Wild Bear Nature Center (70 Lakeview Drive, Nederland, CO 80466)

Scholarship Application

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Please see our COVID-19 guidelines for parents.

All parents will receive a copy of our Program Contract which includes these guidelines. Parents will read, complete, and sign this COVID safety agreement.

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Jan 2022

Nature Enrichment


Nature Art Play (NAP)

Thursday, January 27
3:30 pm–6:00 pm

at Wild Bear Nature Center

Nature Enrichment


Forest Fridays (Ages 5-8)

Friday, January 28
8:00 am–4:00 pm

at Wild Bear Nature Center

Feb 2022

Nature Enrichment


Nature Art Play (NAP)

Tuesday, February 1
3:30 pm–6:00 pm

at Wild Bear Nature Center

Nature Enrichment


Mindful Mornings (before school)

Wednesday, February 2
8:00 am–9:30 am

at Wild Bear Nature Center

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