Registration for Summer Camp 2022 is open!

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New for 2021! Wild Bear will be hosting a Birding Big Year!
Register for this exciting event here.

What is a big year?

A big year is a challenge for birders to identify as many birds as they can throughout 2021, using the popular birding app, eBird! There will be incredible prizes, special speakers, guided birding excursions, and more!

Who can participate?

Anyone residing in Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek or Jefferson counties.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No, this event is free!

Where do I sign up?

What do I need to participate?

An ebird account, binoculars, and a great attitude!

What sort of prizes will be offered?

More information coming soon!

eBird is an online birding checklist system by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This platform is exciting because the bird checklists that users submit are used by actual ornithologists as scientific data! eBird data has been used to describe where bird populations occur and how they change through time. Please read the instructions below, and if you have any questions please email

  1. Create an eBird account! If you already have one, log in.
  2. Add the user “wildbearnaturecenter” as your friend.
    1. To do this, click on your username at the top light blue bar on the homepage. This will reveal a dropdown menu.
    2. On the dropdown menu, click on “Contacts”
    3. Now you are on the contacts page! Under “Add a Contact” type in wildbearnaturecenter in the box.
    4. Wildbearnaturecenter is now under your contacts list at the bottom. In order to become friends, check the box under “Friend (?)”
  3. When you are ready to observe birds for the big year, you can either record the birds you see via the eBird app, or record them physically and input them later via the eBird website.
  4. As the last step, “share” your checklist after each birding session with wildbearnaturecenter. These are instructions for doing this on a computer. View the phone instructions to find out how to do this on your phone.
      1. To do this, click on “My eBird” on the main menu of eBird
      2. Click on “Manage my Checklists” on the left side of the screen
      3. Select the checklist you wish to share with Wild Bear, then click the “Share” icon to the right of your name on the checklist page.
      4. In the “To” field, enter wildbearnaturecenter. Once you’ve entered the Wild Bear username, submit the checklist like normal, and it’ll be shared automatically!
      1. On eBird Mobile, increasing the Number of Observers on an unsubmitted checklist to more than 1 will cause a “Share checklist with…” option to appear.
      2. Tap it, type wildbearnaturecenter, and then press the ‘enter’ key. Once you’ve entered the usernames, submit the checklist like normal, and it’ll be shared automatically!
      3. Note: Once a checklist has been submitted through eBird Mobile, you can no longer share it with us. To share after submitting, you will have to follow the computer instructions.
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