Registration for Summer Camp 2022 is open!

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Ages 8-9

What a great opportunity to enjoy a full day together in nature!

Play and discover nature at Mud Lake.

Choose any combo of Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, or all 4 days for each two week session or all summer long. Drop in Fridays available.

Classes run 8am – 4pm.

The “Register” button will take you to our program management system on UltraCamp. If you haven’t created an account there yet, please do so. This will allow you to register for any camps/classes available within your child’s/children’s age range. If you have any questions, please email or call (303) 258-0495.


Wild Naturalists Session 1

Get Lost! ~ June 6-9 Join us for an orienteering course and search for hidden treasure throughout the forest. Learn the orienteering skills needed to find your way in the wilderness. Follow clues, use your compass and map, and find the treasure.

Creatures Healers ~ June 13-16  Become the ultimate advocate for our wild animal friends! Explore how the animals and plants protect themselves for survival in the wild. Let’s learn from them! Visit with rescued animals with local wildlife rehabbers and hear their stories of the wild.

Wild Naturalists Session 2

Water Creatures ~ June 20-23 Discover the illusive predatory diving beetle, nymphs, tadpoles and more as we investigate the creatures found in creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Bring your water shoes!

Rockin Geologists~ June 27-30 These mountains are made of ROCK! Discover the world of plate tectonics. What makes the Rocky Mountains unique to other mountain ranges? Head back to the Jurassic period to understand the last of three plate tectonic episodes which are responsible for raising the Rocky Mountains!

Wild Naturalists Session 3

Ancient Earth Ways ~ July 5-7 (No Camp Monday July 4th) Let’s learn to survive by understanding and using the earth’s natural materials. Make cordage, build shelters, and learn about medicinal plants that grow in these mountains.

Mountain Trekkers ~ July 11-14 Hike the trails, and explore these majestic mountains. Bring your camera and capture the beauty!

Wild Naturalists Session 4

Flying High ~ July 18-21 Discover the aerodynamics of those who fly, the birds and raptors, the dragonflies and the bees. Learn about these amazing animals and create your own things that take to the air.

Crazy Corvids ~ July 25-28 Let’s discover the brilliant birds known as Corvidae, the crows, ravens, Jays, magpies, and nutcrackers. They are smart, curious, social birds with excellent memories. Let’s find them, watch them, draw them and study them. They are cool.

Wild Naturalists Session 5

Junior Entomologists ~ August 1-4 Study the magnificent world of insects! Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and more! Broaden your knowledge of the Arthropod Phylum and how they help us every day

Aquamania ~ August 8-11 Beat the heat of the summer and get wet in the mountain water! Explore the creeks, streams, ponds, lakes, reservoirs and puddles! Bring your water shoes (and an extra change of clothes!) discover the properties of this valuable resource in our mountains.