Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery is to offer year-round, hands-on educational programs to people of all ages in order to foster a life-long appreciation of the environment and to promote an environmentally aware, responsible and ecologically sound community.

Statement of Values

Admiration and Respect of the Earth and all Living Systems: We believe that people and nature inherently deserve our respect, and that we should take personal responsibility in our relationships with them.

Sustainability & Balance: We believe that functioning in harmony with our surroundings is a perpetual act of balancing that requires an ongoing awareness of factors both internal and external to ourselves. We believe that we can be successful as an organization as a direct result of outwardly adhering to our values in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible way.

Honesty, Integrity & Respect: We believe these qualities must guide all dealings with oneself, others, and the environment.

Responsibility: We believe that we should have an attitude of ownership toward the roles we play in creating intended or unintended results.

Excellence: We believe that striving for excellence in all that we do is more rewarding for customers and employees, and is a critical factor in the success of our organization.

Teamwork: “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” We believe that it is in the self-interest of all individuals affiliated with Wild Bear to develop and nurture a functional team approach that embraces and benefits from diversity while striving toward common goals.

Flexibility & Open-mindedness: We strive to be self evaluative, value diversity, take advantage of teachable moments, be open to opportunity/ embrace/facilitate/celebrate evolutionary change, and not be unnecessarily limited.

Fun: We believe that people must find pleasure in their work and enjoy the process above the result in order to be effective and sustainable. “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.”

Thoughtful Process Reaching Meaningful Results: We believe that successful learning and meaningful results can be accomplished in a multifaceted, experiential and cooperative environment where the process is an end, in and of itself.

Wild Bear Vision

The Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery is an inclusive forum and community resource for facilitating responsible environmental ideas and experiential learning.

The hub of the Wild Bear forum will be a thought provoking/State of the Art Natural facility with engaging and entertaining exhibits/programs designed to reflect our Mission and Values and dovetail in with local community values, needs, and resources.

This facility will be bought and paid for through the efforts and support of the local community and other like- minded communities and institutions.

Programs at the center will provide Experiential Ed. Programs for all ages, Teacher Training Resources, integrated research collaborations/projects, links with like minded institutions and communities.  Program emphases will include the need for children to have a fun, safe, experiential/environmental education, and a spotlight on Rocky Mountain environmental issues and ecosystems that may have global implications or parallels.

Wild Bear’s expanded audience includes all ages/socioeconomic/cultural backgrounds, one-time visitors/tourists, research scientists, like-minded institutions/communities, and teachers.

We will be recognized as trend setting based on our compelling forum concept and will measure this in part by our ability to magnetically attract media interest, and a self-fulfilling stream of gifted and resourceful people/institutions who want to align themselves with Wild Bear.

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