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Mitch Barrett

Saturday, January 28: 6:15-9:30

Change of venue!!!

Black Forest Restaurant is hosting this show!!!  Why?  Well, the sky opened up and washed a biblical flood over the Nature Center, and the devil is meddling with Jesus’ insurance company, or something like that.  We’ll get it straightened out, but in the mean time …

For this show, we’ll meet early (6:15pm) at the Carousel of Happiness for our pre-show ride, and then we’ll assemble at Black Forest (24 Big Springs Dr., just south of Wild Bear) to share dinner before the concert, which will start at 7:30pm.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bill and Kay Lorenz for offering your beautiful restaurant and helping us deal with our very wet situation!

Now, for other show details – boy what a show this is going to be!

Mitch Barrett is one of the most dynamic performers you’ll ever hear live, and he is at his best in small audiences in intimate spaces.  

Original songs, evocative lyrics, mutli-instrumentation (including instruments he’s built himself by hand), and roll-off-your-chair hysterical storytelling – bring your friends to this one. It’s sure to be a blast!

winner – Telluride Troubadour Songwriting Competition
winner – Kerrville “New Folk” Competition 
winner – Rocky Mountain Folk’s Festival Songwriting Competition
winner – Merlefest “Chris Austin” Songwriting Competition (only two-time winner!)

“The boy’s diggin’ for coal and bringing up diamonds” – Darrell Scott

Reserve your seats now!

Carousel of Happiness ride at 6:15pm. Dinner together at Black Forest Restaurant at 6:30pm.  Music starts at 7:30pm.

As you purchase seats for this show, please consider donating to the Nature Center to keep it and this little concert series alive.  Thank you!

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Want to sample Mitch Barrett’s music? Click on these video links:


About Wild Bear ~ The Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center is a unique gem in the front range. Since 1995, Wild Bear is Boulder County’s only all-ages nature center annually serving thousands of people through the free and open walk in nature center as well as formal workshops for all ages. Wild Bear is known for its high-quality creative children’s workshops, keeping the next generation connected to the natural world. Come to a Wild Bear community concert and learn more about what’s going on at Wild Bear. You can also visit Wild Bear online at or on Facebook at

About the concerts ~ Together with Little Tree Acoustic House Concerts in Lafayette, CO, Wild Bear is continuing the Nederland tradition of bringing nationally and internationally touring performers up to the mountains. The intention of the series is to support grassroots music that brings community together to contemplate the beauty of the arts in nature. Wild Bear is proud to collaborate with Little Tree to build community surrounding the mission of Boulder County’s only all ages nature center.

Wild Bear Community Concert Traditions ~ A community celebrates through its traditions, and Wild Bear has given some thought to the traditions that are a part of its fun community concert series. In addition to sharing food together before the music starts, a unique tradition we share is a ride on Nederland’s Carousel of Happiness together before every concert. The Carousel is a compelling story of the power of music to maintain footing in the face of life’s challenges. Wild Bear and Little Tree feel a joyful community ride before every concert is a fitting tribute.

Donations ~ All artist donations support the performer. In addition, separate donations can be made to directly support Wild Bear’s mission and its ability to host these music shows. We suggest $20 and up ($25 and up the day of the show), on a sliding scale, meaning you are welcome to pay more if you value and can afford a little more to support live music. Please do what you can to keep live music and Wild Bear alive and thriving.

When ~ Saturday January 28th. Carousel of Happiness ride at 6:15pm. Dinner at 6:30pm at Black Forest Restaurant.  Music starts at the Black Forest Restaurant at 7:30pm.

Format ~ There are typically two sets of music, with an opportunity to learn about the Ecology Center, meet the artist(s), and purchase CDs, books, or whatever else they have for you at intermission. We will end by 9:30pm.

Reservations ~ Reserve your seats by purchasing them early using the payment link above.